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    • October 05, 2022
    • Embassy Suites, Bellevue

    To register select the "Register" button in the left side column. 

    We are going to present two additional major awards in 2022 (you need not apply for them; we will select from your entries that have already been submitted)

    Best in Show

    Represents the best single entry in each budget category.

    Grand Summit

    The Grand Summit is the highest award given by WFEA in recognition of those Festival and Events who have a balance of all the elements necessary to ensure a successful event.

    Award winners in each budget category will be selected based on the overall excellence of a festival and event as presented in their entries in all the other Summit Award categories.

    Organizations must submit an entry in each of the three categories in order to be eligible

    1. Collateral/printed materials

    2. Marketing

    3. Programming

    Budget Categories

    Events of all sizes are encouraged to submit entries. You will be judged among your peers in the same event budget category so you are competing with festivals with similar budgets. There are three event budget categories:

    • $149,999 and under
    • $150,000 and over

    Please submit each entry in one of these event budget categories. Budgets should include the entire budget for the event that you are entering, including all in-kind services.

    All entries must be received prior to October 5th, 2022.

    To enter please follow these steps:

    Step 1. Fill out the online application form. Select the "Register" button in the upper left side column. 

    Step 2. Pay for your entries

    Step 3. Submit your digital copy to jeremy@wfea.org.

    For all other questions please reference the official rules:


    Category Judging Criteria Submission Requirements

    Printed Materials

    • Brochure / Postcard / Direct Mail Piece
    • Promotional Poster
    • Program / Event Guide
    • Tickets & Invitations
    • Event Recap / Annual Report
    • Newspaper Tabloid

    Is the item’s message informative, clear, concise, compelling enough to engage the audience, easy to understand, possess exceptional design features and is it original? Judging done online

    Submit a digital PDF or JPEG of the item.

    Outdoor Advertisement

    Examples of outdoor advertising include, but are not limited to, overthe-street signage, street pole banners, bus signs, vehicle wraps/signs, sidewalk signage, billboards, trash can wraps, etc.

    Is the message informative, clear, concise, compelling enough to engage the audience, easy to read, have visual impact, and original?

    Judging done online.

    Submit a digital PDF or JPEG image of advertisement.
    PR / Media Campaign

    Includes Press Kit, Overall Media Campaign, Press Conferences, Publicity Stunts

    Is the content creative and well organized with a clear message? Judging done online  Submit a digital PDF. 

    • Logistical Achievement

    • Sponsorship Proposal

    • Food & Beverage Program

    • Volunteer Program

    • Green Program

    • Educational Program

    • Multi-Agency Collaborative Program

    • Community Outreach

    • Best Programming

    • Sponsor Partnership Entry should highlight a specific sponsor that stands out above all others.

    • Social Media Ad Campaign (What did you do that was unique or creative?)

    • Lifestyle Event (Either virtual or in-person)

    • Best Fundraising Event

     Does the program serve a purpose or objective, involve and benefit all partners, produce measurable results and is it an original idea? Judging done online. 

    Submit required documents online.


    • Introduction & Background of main event and program

    • Effectiveness of Program

    • Partner Involvement


    • Printed Materials

    • Promotional / Marketing

    • Media Materials

    • Supporting Photographs

    • Measurable Results 

     Photo (Black & White or Color)

    Does the photo have original and exceptional composition, use of light and color, and evoke an emotion or leave an impression? Judging done online

    Submit a digital jpeg of the photo image
    Promotional Item

    Examples of promotional items include, but not limited to, souvenirs, hats, mugs, pins, volunteer / sponsor recognition items 

     Is the promotional item original, have visual impact, and serve a purpose for its target market? Judging done in person  Submit a digital jpeg of the production.

    Collared shirts should be entered under Promotional Items. Examples include promotional shirts for sale and not for sale and volunteer shirts.

     Does the tee-shirt display good use of design and originality? Judging done in person.  Submit a digital jpeg of front and back of t-shirt
     Broadcast Media

    • Television Program, Ad, PSA or YouTube Promotion Video

    • Radio Program, Ad or PSA

     Is the message informative, clear, concise, compelling enough to engage the audience, original, and have impact? Judging done online.

     Submit YouTube link to video or upload to online application.

    Multimedia Marketing

    • Website

    • Mobile App

    • Social Media Pages – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Other

    Is the website/page/app informative, clear, concise, compelling enough to engage the audience, easy to navigate, have visual impact and does it possess exceptional design features and display originality? Judging done online. For Website, Mobile App and Social Media Pages: Submit link to webpage, social media site or app download link. For Social Media Ad Campaign: Submit supporting documentation showing ad results.

    • November 01, 2022
    • November 03, 2022
    • Embassy Suites - Bellevue, WA

    How to Increase Your Bottom Line Revenue

    It’s always been a topic of major importance for festival and event organizers, but during COVID it’s been the No. 1 issue, as events are restarting with little revenue in reserve.

    We’ll tackle the subject more than ever at the

    2022 annual WFEA Conference

    November 1 - 3, 2022

    Embassy Suites in Bellevue

    Hotel Discount:

    If calling in the code is WF2 and the link is below:

    Click Here to Book (special conference discount) 

    Embassy Suites by Hilton Seattle Bellevue

    3225 158th Avenue SE

    Bellevue, WA 98008

    Phone: 425-644-2500

    • November 02, 2022

    The Washington Festivals and Events Association has established a certification program that will offer the ultimate educational and achievement experience for WFEA members. The Association will kick it off at its annual conference in Bellevue April 3-5.

    Registrants who attend the all-day pre-convention sponsorship workshop on Wednesday, April 3, can earn CLEP credit. Click Here for Sponsorship Workshop and Conference Registration Information: 2019 Conference

    The CLEP program will offer all-day, in-depth educational sessions and hands-on experience at festivals and events that will provide event professionals knowledge at the highest level of their field. Upon completion of requirements, graduates will earn the title of Certified Live Event Planner (CLEP).

    “It will also offer recognition to people who have gone the extra step to learn about the festivals and events industry,” said WFEA Executive Director Bruce Skinner. “With it will come increased professional status and potentially compensation.”

    The WFEA Certification program is overseen by the WFEA Professional Education Board of Managers, a body appointed and made up of top industry professionals and educators. The Board establishes the curriculum, engages faculty, provides expertise, and monitors progress by students seeking certification.

    To achieve certification, candidates must complete items on the CLEP check list: CLEP Certification Checklist


We offer 3 different membership rate levels. For students, individuals and organizations - each based on annual budget.

$95 / $125 / $195


Bruce Skinner: 360-808-3204
Jeremy Gilchrist: 360-477-6556


1015 Georgiana St
Port Angeles, WA 98362

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